I-Lock Rivet

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I lock rivets are also called Friction Lock Rivets. These rivets provide improved strength to application. Available in Steel and Stainless Steel materials. The hole-filling reference ensures that the Interlock rivet will expand radially into the application opening to give a safe, vibration-resistant joint and make up for irregular, oversized, slotted, or misaligned holes. Also, I-Lock rivets can stop sheet movement in applications with non-standard holes. The primary feature of Interlock Rivets is the mechanical locking feature where the portion of the rivet mandrel remaining after rivet placement is captured within the rivet.


H-Lock rivets are structural break stem fasteners with exceptional shear and tensile strength. The grooved mandrel ensures safe locking. H lock rivet is also a high-strength structural rivet. H-Lock rivets are available in

  1. Aluminium H-Lock rivets
  2. Steel H-Lock rivets

Diameters and lengths available in H-Lock rivets are:


1. 6.4 mm H-Lock rivets ( Lengths: 9.4mm, 10.7mm, 11.3mm, 12.7mm, 14.7mm, 15.4mm, 15.7mm, 16.7mm, 18.7mm, 20.4mm)

2. 7.8 mm H-Lock rivets ( Lengths: 13.5mm, 16.5mm, 19.5mm, 22.5mm)

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